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Discount Brew

Wine Kits


We have the enitre range of products from Still Spirits, a large selection of Essencia Essences, as well the full range of Alcotec Yeasts and Top ups. Distillation equipment is also high on the list with a good selection of stills such as the Turbo 500, Still Spirits, and Aquastill.

Wine Kits

Beer Kits

Our homebrew beer kit range includes - John Bull, Coopers Selection and Original, Youngs, Muntons Gold, St Peters, Better Brew, Woodfords, Beers of the World, Pride of Yorkshire, Brewferm, Brewmaker, Tom Caxton, Festival, Milestone, and Brewers Choice, to name just a few..

Wine Kits

Wine Kits

Our homebrew wine kits include Magnum, Solomon Grundy, Beaverdale, California Connoisseur, Vintners Reserve, Selection, and World Vineyard. We also have ultra fast wine homebrew kits such as Cantina, and Australian Blend, and a variety of fruit wine kits.

Wine Kits

Whole Grain

What ever your whole grain brewing needs - Hops, malt, adjuncts, malt extract, spray malt, or just a yeast (wet or dry), we have the lot. Our range of hops is growing by the month, and our Maris Otter is excellent value for money. We also stock mash tuns, boilers and wort chillers.

Wine Kits


Whether you make beer kits, wine kits, liqueurs, or country wines we have all the equipment you will need - Buckets, straining bags, syphons, demijohns, fermenters, thermometers, hydrometers, air traps, chemicals and yeasts, filters, bottles, corks, labels - simply everything you will ever need.

Wine Kits

Starter Kits

We stock homebrew starter kits for beer, wine, spirits, country wines, and even sloe gin. They are always in stock and contain all of the equipment you will need to make your homebrew succeed time after time. A homebrew shoppers paradise.

Wine Kits

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Wine Kits

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We would love to hear from you about anything homebrew, simply use our contacts section to email us. We will reply as fast as we can. Alternatively you can write to us at - Fayre Maiden Foods Ltd, Bridge Farm, Fundenhall Road, Hapton, Norfolk NR15 1SG. Being a discount store with great prices means we have to trim back our costs so we can pass the savings on to you. As a result we do not have a published telephone number. Please note: When you place an order with us you will get an automated confirmatory email within minutes. If you do not see this email it is imperative that you check your spam filters and junk mail folders as we will send many emails to you concerning delays, out of stocks, and any other problems.

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Great for beer or sparkling wine. Safe to use as they will not explode in a way that will shower you..
£13.50 £14.99

This is a really beautiful acrylic jug / drinks dispenser. It holds 1.7 litres, and has a black flip..
£7.68 £7.68

Mauviel 1830 - The worlds finest cookware12 cm flat lid brass handles m'heritage 250bCOPPER ..
£40.60 £40.60

This is the unique1960s Tala storage jar with flip top and ceramic lid - 500ml ..
£5.56 £5.56

This comes fitted with either a combined gas inlet/relief valve which can be used with the Widget or..
£23.65 £23.65

An easy drinking Washington Riesling wine making kit.Looking for a delicious and versatile wine ..

An easy drinking Spanish Tempranillo wine making kit.Looking for a delicious and versatile wine ..

An easy drinking Italian Sangiovese wine making kit.Looking for a delicious and versatile wine f..

An easy drinking Italian Pinot Grigio wine making kit.Looking for a delicious and versatile wine..